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Let's Talk, Teacher to Teacher

What are joyful and engaging shared reading experiences? 

  • Any reading opportunity that is enjoyable and participatory and involves meaningful interactivity between children and cherished caregivers​

  • Connecting academic language and interdisciplinary approaches through joyful shared reading experiences is going to be the most powerful thing you can do for your students. 

Classroom callouts are easy to
create and do!  Simply turn nursery rhymes, stories, poems, and songs into callouts to use in your classroom today! 

This resource provides pages of classroom callouts you can use right away!

Turn your classroom expectations into a joyful shared reading experience! Your students will easily remember and apply concepts from these fun and interactive twists to regular classroom rules!

Turn your lunch menu into a joyful language learning experience! Your students will enjoy this resource  -  funny food phrases and short songs, along with pages of templates!

This resource includes pages of interactive approaches to build language and literacy opportunities, daily by Singing the Walls!  Turn your morning meetings into so much more!

Building Academic Language Through Joyful Reading Experiences 

This resource provides quick, simple tips and strategies you can use right away. Plan effective activities that help build your students' academic language skills.  

Summary frames provide support for students as they are learning to summarize text.  Several frames for varying support is included. 

A handy checklist to help you plan, prepare, and gather reading playground equipment for your learning environment. A simple checklist to help you get started. 

This resource includes pages of academic vocabulary ideas, word lists and more! Weather words, multiple meaning words, science words and more!

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