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Keynote Speaking

Get ready to sing, dance, and fall in love with interactive literacy. Based on The Power of Joyful Reading, you will learn how to use simple techniques such as music, movement, call and response, and repetition to help children learn to read and fall in love with books. You will also learn how  to turn your classroom into a reading playground. 



These workshops explore how to put the ideas in The Power of Joyful Reading to work in your classroom. Learn simple to use shared reading techniques to help your students develop their basic reading skills  and lead them to love books, enjoy reading, and see themselves as readers! You will learn how to interweave these experiences into your daily routines, activities, and lessons throughout the day, day after day, all year long, even in virtual classrooms.

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With The Power of Joyful Reading as a guide you are shown what you need to transform your classroom into a “reading playground”-a space in which children read along to, sing to, dance to, and celebrate words and texts. A space in which they experience the power of joyful reading.

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Curriculum INtegration

Learn how to use The Joyful Reading approach with your district/school adopted reading program. This professional development session (s) will provide you a custom plan for integration and implementation. Options for standards alignment can also be included. 


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Dr. Gina and Eric Litwin are available together and individually to provide keynotes and workshops to help inspire teachers and share.


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