Turning joyful shared reading experiences and academic language connections

I had sent in a proposal to present at the NAECTE conference - a conference where scholars present their research on early childhood outcomes. Eric Litwin and I have shared numerous keynotes, workshop break out sessions etc... but not at a conference like this. I was super excited to be able to take info from our book and tie it together with academic language: Practicing decontextualized language during sharing time, building academic language for young children who are still mastering decoding and encoding, interdisciplinary connections...etc.

The best part was demonstrating to scholars how to turn their lunch menu and rules/expectations into a rhythmic song consisting of academic age-appropriate language. Add in a few rhythm sticks, an egg shaker, and some puppets.... and you can turn anything into an engaging song!

NAECTE Conference today - Literacy and Academic Language

How to turn joyful shared reading experiences into powerful opportunities for students to become familiar with academic language.

Presentation 1: The power of joyful reading. Gina Pepin, Ed.D, Grand Canyon University, Northern Michigan University

Presentation 2: The contextual modulation of academic language in early childhood. Wonkyung Jang, Ph.D Candidate, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill #JoyfulReadingApproach #NAECTE21 #NorthernMichiganUniversity #GrandCanyonUniversity

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